Small Business

Solutions for Small Business

Westside Energy (SA) Pty. Ltd. is structured to cater for all power generation inquiries, large or small and of any nature. We understand the small business community and recognize the differing needs of this sector of our economy. Our specialist staff are experienced in the operation of small business and utilize this expertise when tailoring a power generation system to your personalized requirements.

at your service

At Westside Energy we recognize the diverse range of fields that small business operate in and can tailor an energy solution for all types of trading activities including:

  • Cafe's, bakery’s and restaurants.
  • Office / warehouse facilities.
  • Chemists and pharmaceutical.
  • General retail.
  • Manufacturing & processing facilities.
  • Hotels & accommodation.
Fields of Expertise

Our experienced staff will assist you with your every power generation need. If you’re looking for an advantage over your competitors during a power failure, need to protect those perishable goods or simply can’t suffer an outage during manufacture we will work with you in understanding your business and to identify the best solution including;

  • Automatic Standby Power Generation. By continually monitoring your incoming power supply our fully automatic power generation systems give you piece of mind that your business will remain operational in the event of a power failure. For more information view the Back Up Generators Products page.
  • Solar PV cell installation. High overheads are the menace of small business. Get those expenses down by generating your own power free from the sun.
  • In-House Power generation Generate your own power and save money either in parallel with your provider or a total off grid solution.