Commercial Solutions

As an integral member of Westside Group of Companies (Est 1998), Westside Energy was founded to provide value added total solutions in the Commercial and Domestic power generation markets. Westside Energy has consolidated the past experience and engineering expertise of Westside Group Companies in the field of  power generation to offer a professional ‘turn key’ approach to our clients energy needs.

Recognising the quality of works, the skills and capability of its workforce, Westside Energy will be your major projects partner. Our markets include Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Utility Scale projects encompassing :

  • Design
  • Engineer
  • Construct
  • Commission
  • Maintain & Monitor
  • Remove and replace
  • Turn key and lifetime care
Power Source
  • Back up power
  • Off grid
  • Peak lopping
  • Grid connect & parallel to mains
  • Co Generation & Tri Generation
  • Renewables (Hydro, Solar & Wind)
  • Gas (Methane, LPG, Natural Gas, Raw Gas)
  • Diesel, Crude Oil & Condensate
  • Battery & Flywheel Storage
  • Super Capacitors

Having diverse resources to draw from Westside Group and established project partners,  Westside Energy has the capacity to provide total solutions in the delivery of complex projects.

Recognising the high level of  technical and quality requirement, Westside Energy employs the expertise of recognised industry experts heading its departments.

This skilled team that is in place & the pool of Westside Group provides the capacity for design drafting, finance, additional maintenance & construction resources. Quite simply at Westside Energy we offer everything, every step of the way. A complete power solution from idea to fruition and beyond. We put the power back in your hands.

  • Automatic Standby Power Generation
    By continually monitoring your incoming power supply our fully automatic power generation systems give you piece of mind that your business will remain operational in the event of a power failure. For more information view the Back Up Generators Products page.
  • Solar PV cell installation
    High overheads are the menace of small business. Get those expenses down by generating your own power free from the sun.
  • In-House Power generation
    Generate your own power and save money either in parallel with your provider or a total off grid solution.

Westside Energy believes having skilled employees and continuous development of skills is the foundation for its success.  With well over 100 personnel as a Group, delivery of successful outcomes to our client by our qualified professional staff including:

  • Fully Certified Energy Audits
  • Power Station Mechanics & Mechanical Fitters
  • Plumbers & Gas Fitters
  • Accountants & Project Management teams
  • Power System Architects, Engineers & Draftsman
  • Safety Manager& Quality Manager
  • Solar, Battery and Off Grid Specialist
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Fluid Movement & Noise Engineers
  • Electricians & Control Integration Engineers

We recognise that software and hardware are also important to the successful delivery of projects on time, quality and budget.  For this reason we are continuously investing in technology including:

  • AutoCAD (3-D Capable using REVITT with advance A0 Printer) - We believe that accurate and detailed drawings are highly important in eliminating costly reworks, time consuming search for additional details and quality errors. Hence we have the most up to date 3-D capable AutoCAD and printer to ensure a professional and successful delivery of projects.
  • Microsoft Project - This allows us to program complex schedules identifying potential delays and opportunity for accelerating the project saving time and money.