Solar Batteries FAQs

A Guide To Energy Storage

Are you considering installing a solar battery? Start Here! We will assist you in understanding the basics about solar energy storage, including how the technology works, how much a solar battery costs and what to look for in the marketplace to make sure that you are getting the most out of your purchase.

A solar PV system without a battery will divert all unused energy back to the energy grid immediately. A solar battery  stores this energy for your home to use after the sun goes down or when the weather prevents your panels from generating enough power to fuel your home.

Solar batteries help homeowners and other customers save money by using previously generated electricity rather than pulling from the grid. Some customers might not need to rely on the grid at all, and might even be able to take advantage of exporting their extra electricity during peak-demand time periods.  

A solar battery is essentially a storage unit for your excess electricity that you generated during the day. When you generate solar energy, the first priority for that energy is the load demand in the home.  If the amount of solar energy produced exceeds the demand from the home at any instant, that is the excess that will be sent to the grid.  Instead of having that excess energy go back to the grid, it is diverted to battery storage for later use.  Because solar panels tend to generate the most electricity while people are away at work, solar batteries are an excellent investment in order to keep your electricity cost low and your reliance on the grid minimal.

Solar batteries can increase a home’s self-sufficiency.  Solar batteries can protect against blackouts as well as the rising cost of electricity and more importantly the slow reduction in feed in tariffs (what you get paid for your excess). Rather than relying on a generator, your home can have power whenever you need it – without harming our climate. 

Absolutely! Not only do solar batteries require zero maintenance or scheduled servicing, they also do not require fuel like a generator would. Home solar batteries are made of modern materials and are completely safe unlike the old lead-acid batteries of years past.

You might have already heard of the Tesla powerwall, which is a really popular option on the market. However, there are many other options and brands who have developed unique technologies to deliver long lasting batteries.

Most of the top brands have created lithium-type solar batteries.  There are a few other types available, though nearly as popular. 

The cost of a home battery installation can differ from project to project.  Contact our office to arrange your consultation.

Solar batteries allow you to use your “free “energy at any time of the day, rather than buying from the electricity grid at full price. Not only will you be able to store your excess electricity, allowing you to use it during the night or during days with heavy clouds/weather, but if you happen to max out your electricity storage, you can continue to sell and export all remaining unused electricity back to the grid. This can subsidize the cost of your battery or even make you a profit. 

You can!  All our solar batteries are compatible with existing PV systems.  Your PV system including the size of your inverter will determine what options you have for a retrofit. Our experts at Westside energy can assist you with choosing the right option for your unique situation.

Absolutely! Just as we stated above, All our solar batteries are compatible with existing and future PV systems.

We first check to make sure that solar batteries are a viable solution for your home. This means we look at your solar panel system that you have installed to make sure you’re generating enough electricity to power your home and charge your battery at the same time. 


We will establish your electricity usage over the past year and compare that to your total solar generation. Based on the total amount of power you are using and generating each season and how much power you’ve been exporting back to the grid, we can determine what size solar battery will suit your needs.

Please check out our solar batteries page for detailed information about what brands we offer. Westside energy only sells products from top-tier manufacturers that we can trust fully. 

Yes, installing a home battery system will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Because you are reducing your dependency on the electricity grid, you are also removing demand from that marketplace, and are focusing on green alternatives to burning coal.