Our Services

Westside Energy provides various services for new, ongoing and maintenance projects in both commercial and residential spaces. Our design and engineering teams work together to ensure the optimal performance of your system. We employ engineers with international experience and qualifications to guarantee the latest technologies. We are well versed in working with energy regulators and retailers for system approval and operating efficiency. Westside uses only certified installers and qualified electricians to install systems. Our installations meet Australian Standards and industry best practices. Upon project completion, Westside can also use monitoring systems to verify system performance. Our work encompasses all aspects of your project, and we pride ourselves on our close relationships with clients- making sure that the projects are built efficiently and working properly for years to come.

Mechanical Projects

Westside works with South Australia’s leading builders and construction managers on a diversified range of Mechanical Services projects. At times, we also assume the role as head contractor where required.

These projects below give an indication of Westside’s more current major work. The list is not exhaustive. It is intended as an example of the diversified and complex installations undertaken.

Plumbing Projects

Westside Plumbing Pty Ltd has undertaken a diversified range of Plumbing Services projects. We work with industry leading builders and construction managers. When required, we assume the role as head contractor. Poly Pipe Fabrications are a leader in the fabrication and site installation of Poly Pipe systems. These projects give an indication of Westside’s more current major work. Our projects list below is not exhaustive, but intended as an example of our variegated and complex installations ventures.

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