Installation and Commissioning

 Westside uses only certified installers and qualified electricians to install systems. Our installations meet with Australian Standards and industry best practices. Through our more than 20-years experience with installing building systems for commercial, industrial and government facilities, we know how to plan, procure and execute projects with efficacy while ensuring the highest quality workmanship, the health, safety and wellbeing of the workforce and the public and the environmental protection of our surrounds.

Our Process

Westside starts the installation process by ensuring the products we procure are delivered as required. We perform quality checks on the materials and ensure that they are free from defects and imperfections. We also ensure that all materials are delivered prior to commencing work. This ensures that our work activities are performed in the most efficient manner and reduces the risk of work stoppages due to shortages of materials.

Our installation personnel are required to perform hazard assessments and site inspections prior to commencing work. This means that we are well versed in the materials and equipment needed to successfully install the system safely and efficiency prior to commencing the installation.

Complex Installations

 For more complex installations, Westside is well versed and highly experienced in planning crane lifts and high-level installations. We have performed thousands of successful lifts of heavy equipment and performed many installations at height. Our management system specifically identifies the requirements for such lifts to ensure they are performed safely and efficiently.

From Start to Finish

Once the system is installed, our experienced commissioning teams will work the energy regulators (where required) to ensure that all network protection settings and operational parameters are programmed, and the system is working to its optimal capability.

Exhaustive commissioning is important for all systems large and small to make sure that they meet their designed performance. Many set-points are required to be modified from the manufacturers standard settings to work with the grid infrastructure. Westside’s commissioning team have extensive knowledge of network requirements and how to ensure the systems are set to operate at their optimum.

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