residential solutions

Westside Energy (SA) Pty. Ltd. is structured to cater for all power generation inquiries, large or small and of any nature. We understand the residential community and recognise the differing needs of individuals. Our specialist staff can tailor a power generation system to your personalised requirements.

Automatic Standby Power Generators

The power supply here in South Australia has proven to be unreliable in the past and experts predict that we can expect more of the same in the future. The issues we’ll be confronted with in the residential market during a power blackout include:

  • Loss of perishables when our fridges and freezers thaw.
  • The inconvenience of being without power in our modern world.
  • Loss of internet access.
  • Exposure to theft and break in without our alarms when not home or on holidays.

Our stand by power generation system will constantly monitor your incoming power supply and switch on automatically within seconds of a loss of power. Permanent connection to your natural gas supply means you never have to worry about your fuel source. As long as the power is out you’ll be generating your own electricity. Our systems can also run on LPG supply.

For more information view the ‘Back Up Generators’ Products page

Residential Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) Electricity

Solar power for your home has become very affordable in SA and is an ideal way to reduce your energy bill and achieve on going price certainty. Essentially the more power you use that a Solar PV System produces, the better off you will be in reducing your energy costs. An SA home or business receives approximately 4.2 hours of sunlight on average per day. To calculate what a solar PV system will produce please use the following formula. 4.2 x 365 days of the year x .35 cents x the system size. Example for a 5kW Solar PV system* 4.2 x 365 x.35 x 5kW = $2,682.75. If you use 60% of this amount you will reduce your energy bill by $1,609.65 per year. If you use 80% of this amount you will reduce your energy bill by $2,146.20 per year

You also receive between .05 cents and 16.3 cents per kilowatt hour for the excess electricity you dont use which in turn gets fed back to the grid. A Battery storage system for your home will store all the electricity that your home doesn’t use which currently gets fed back to the grid. These types of battery and solar systems, combined, will eventually make your home totally self-sufficient and not reliant on the grid.

Solar PV Systems can achieve an acceptable return on investment depending on your usage profile and your current cost per KWh. Residential customers are receiving in excess of 20% ROI (Return on Investment) It is important to correctly size your PV system against your usage during the solar gain period of the day and take into account the seasonality difference in output of the system. A Westside Energy Specialist can assist you. Westside Energy only provides proven quality panels and inverters as rated worldwide by Photon and Bloomberg

* Assumes you are paying 35 cents per kWh for your power inc GST