Saving Your Company Money

Westside has developed in-house tools to help identify where our clients can save money through the establishment of a new energy system. This can look like establishing options to reduce energy consumption, supplementing energy production or ensuring reliable energy sources.

We have the capacity to work with a client to ensure that their energy needs are met with the best value.

Westside has the unique ability to assess all building and facility needs through our work with mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems.

Westside Capacities

Our in-house tools include financial measures to develop a complete business case for the development. We look at ongoing operating costs, sources of capital and fluctuations in the energy market to determine the best overall solution. We perform sensitivity analyses to predict risks to the business case that allow early planning to ensure success.

We tailor the acting philosophy to meet the buildings operations. Combining our 20-years experience in the building systems industry, we will ensure that the new energy system ingrates well with the other components of the building.

Interested In Working Together?

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