Turnkey Solutions

We operate under the Westside Management System, that is third party certified for Quality, Environmental and Safety concerns.

We can also integrate upgrades to building systems with our other disciplines. We save companies thousands of dollars by coordinating and jointly managing building system upgrades with the commissioning of new energy systems. There is even funding available to support such initiatives including the Building Upgrade Financing scheme. We will support securing such funding to assist the development.

Westside is your one-stop shop for developing your energy system. Using our 20-years of experience in building systems, we will:
  1. Develop a concept that saves money and meets your needs.
  2. Design systems to meet all current industry standards (link to design solution).
  3. Generate a business case to support financial decision making.
  4. Submit and obtain approvals for the system with regulatory and commercial bodies (link to permitting solution).
  5. Procure all materials (link to products).
  6. Develop installation plans that minimize disruption to your business.
  7. Manage the installation (link to installation and commissioning solution).
  8. Commission the system to meet the operational needs (link to installation and commissioning solution).
  9. Monitor the performance of the system on a regular basis (link to servicing solution).
  10. Oversee (via a Project Manager) the entire process.

Certified for Safety, & Environmental Care

QHSE Certified
Quality Certified
Safety Certified

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