What We Do

Westside works with our commercial clients to develop custom solutions that delivers the greatest benefit possible. We consider all aspects of our client’s business, by provide recommendation and designs, and ensuring that the requirements of the business are met.

We have developed custom solutions for clients that:

  • Save money through on-site energy production.
  • Ensure energy reliability by providing backup power.
  • Allow customers to renegotiate energy contracts that make use of more attractive rates.

Custom Solutions​

Our custom solutions are designed based on proposed operating philosophies and client needs and wants. We work with you to determine your priorities and then build a solution to meet such prerequisites. We help our clients make the best decision to support their business and offer the greatest savings on operational efficiencies.

Expertise & The Westside Advantage

Westside has designed, permitted, installed and commissioned energy systems in five states around Australia including remote communities and regional towns. This experience gives us the competitive advantage of understanding the local regulations and transferring local solutions to national markets. Our 20-years of experience in building systems and projects allow us to tackle the more difficult projects that have logistical challenges.

We have forged strong working relationships with a number of organizations in the energy field including design consultants for more customized solutions, energy monitoring providers for detailed performance monitoring, and financial providers to offer more attractive financing solutions to our clients. Our national experience allows us to explore more possible solutions to ensure our clients are offered the best result.

Interested In Working Together?

We’ve helped thousands of South Australian’s tackle their power problems. Let’s get your power bills under control.