Switching to energy-efficient solutions not only helps with mounting energy costs but allows us to follow smarter practices, benefiting ourselves and our future children’s environment. At Westside Energy, we provide you with all the products you need to live a green life.

You can expect the highest quality materials and innovative engineering out of our residential and commercial solar panels & batteries.

We offer unrivaled power and reliability along with our solar inverters. They fulfill the highest quality standards and have been certified and approved by leading testing institutes. With our wide range of options, you’ll be able to find an inverter that suits your needs.

We also carry Generac products, the #1 brand in power generators. Our selection offers various options including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators that provide you with smart reliable energy when you need it.

There’s always a few things to consider when choosing a solar solution and installation company, and at Westside Energy, we’re here to help answer all the questions you may have!

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