Solar Panels

With mounting energy costs, an environment in need of energy efficient solutions and all tiers of government pushing for a smarter, greener future, there has never been a better time to go solar!

At Westside Energy, we provide that smarter, greener future. Our quality solar panels and systems offer a look into what will be the future norm, where homeowners and businesses drastically slash energy costs and severely lighten their ecological footprint.

From solar design to installation, quality panel supply to system customisation, rebate sourcing to solar advice, let our highly trained and experienced Westside Energy solar experts help.

Our Solar Solutions

The Westside Guarantee

At Westside Energy, we only design, supply and install quality systems that we can fully back and put our total support behind. Our extensive experience in the industry and comprehensive research has led us to use tier one modules – the major component of a highly functioning solar panel.

There’s no denying that tier one solar panels are the best in the world!

Your Introductory Guide to Solar Energy

Are your power bills getting out of control? We've helped thousands of south australians tackle their power problems.

Many energy savings calculators provide indicative or approximate savings only. The fact is that although we know you can slash electricity bills by going solar, there are a myriad of factors to consider when arriving at potential savings calculations, such as: your location; system quality; roof orientation; site characteristics; and, personal / household electricity behaviour. By contacting a Westside Energy solar expert and discussing your unique situation, we can provide you with a more accurate figure.

Have a general enquiry about solar panels? Would like to find out more about a particular solar panel system or component? Or, want to speak with one of our specialists? For more information, contact a Westside Energy specialist today.

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We’ve helped thousands of South Australian’s tackle their power problems. Let’s get your power bills under control.