Ongoing Servicing

 Westside’s service does not finish once the system is operating and handed over. We use several monitoring tools to periodically check on systems to confirm that they are operating to their designed capacity. Typically, we can remotely monitor the performance of the system and have fault notices sent to us to ensure that timely servicing is carried out. Sometimes the system output will be affected by what is happening in the area due to electrical grid issues.

Assisting with System Performance

Although we are not able to control the performance of the electrical infrastructure, there are things we can do to assist with system performance. We can also use our database of knowledge to assist in lobbying the regulator to ensure local grid infrastructure is suitable to meet the requirements of systems in your area.

Most times, systems operate within their design parameters without intervention. However, Westside is well versed in taking action if there are issues and we have assisted many clients in making sure their system is working within the initial design parameters and to their satisfaction.

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