Heat Pumps

Westside Energy supply and install premium energy products- including heat pumps. Keep your hot water at the perfect temperature, no matter the weather outside.

Home Hot Water Heat Pumps 170L & 280L

Chromagen Home Hot Water Pumps 170L and 280L

Harvest the free energy from our plentiful air to heat your water with the advanced Midea heat pump. This renewable energy water heating technology uses up to 65% less energy than conventional water heaters.

The Midea heat pump produces significantly more heat energy than the power input, saving on purchased energy. It can be set to ‘vacation mode’ and idle while you’re away from home.

Highly efficient
Built-in Frost Protection
Vacation Mode
Power Outage Memory

EvoHeat Fusion & Force Series

Evoheat and fusion is the top-of-the line choice for eco-friendly spa and pool heating solutions. EVO heat pumps are up to 15 times more energy efficient than other pool and spa heaters, translating to exceptionally large long-term savings!

The Evo Fusion series heat pumps are the ideal choice for recreational pool & spa owners looking to extend their swim season with minimal running cost, while the Evo Force series heat pump is our high performance pool and spa inverter heat pump that provides year round pool heating with the lowest running costs.

Eco-friendly refrigerants
Automatic defrost
Compatible with solar pv
Low noise

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