Off Grid Power

off-grid systems

With the energy challenges South Australia is currently facing, off-grid power systems are becoming increasingly popular.

An off-grid power system is a combination of numerous components all working together to supply
energy to a house, business, community, without relying on the electrical grid. Your very own Power

how do they work?

An off-grid system, often referred to as a “stand-alone power system” supply’s electricity to areas or properties that are not currently connected to (or have chosen to remove themselves) from the electrical grid.

To do this Westside Energy combines numerous technologies including Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels which convert sunlight into DC electricity, Inverters which then convert the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, Switchboards which then send the usable electricity to the house for consumption and Batteries which store any excess for later use. As a final backup a fuel generator is also used to ensure a continued flow of electricity.

Panels Generator Solar

When the batteries are full, the inverter will stop the solar system from recharging and when the sun isn’t producing any energy your house will be powered by the batteries.

If the battery levels (State of Charge) get too low, and there is no solar generation the generator will seamlessly engage and recharge the battery bank ensuring a continual flow of energy to your property.