costa almonds hybrid power station

Location: Swan Reach
Project: Hybrid Commercial Power Station
Project Value: $600,000
Project Date: 2016
Project Description:

The Swan Reach facility is used to power Costa Brothers Almond hulling and shelling plant.
As such, there is a high demand for electricity, with grid power unavailable for the site and subsequent high cost of mains power.

This project involved the integration of a new hybrid battery storage & diesel power generation system on to the new 6-Million-dollar facility.
Equipment installed as part of the project included

  • 1 x 240kW MTU 6R1600 diesel generator
  • 1 x 50kW John Deere diesel generator
  • 1 x 50kW Gel battery system
  • 1 x 3Phase battery charger invertor system
  • 1 x 1200AMP Switch Board
  • 1 x 30,000 litre fuel cell
  • All associated pumps, expansion vessels and ancillary system equipment
  • Highly advance control system integrating all power sources with capacity for expansion and introduction of solar system in stage two

Electricity is generated by diesel generators either run together or individually, depending on electrical load and battery charge status. The battery system in operation when low building load are present.

There was a high degree of control required to enable the remote monitoring system, synchronise and assimilate the electricity to allow a seamless transfer between the energy sources without interruption or disconnection.

With the combination of advanced technologies in power infrastructure and controls adapted in the system electricity is produced at half the price of the grid cost compared to the immediate neighbouring property.